ACOI - 1414 (detailed information)
ACOI Strain:  1414
Dimensions:   178 x 24 µm
Collect nº (year):   01/33 (2001)
Identif Year:   2008
Collect Site:    Montemor-o-Velho, Paul do Taipal, canal
Habitat:  plankton
Medium:  L-M7
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Country:  Portugal
ACOI ni:  3278 ni
Notes:  as E. spirogyra, according to M. F. Santos (2002); Epitype of Lepocinclis fusca comb. nov. Kosmala et Zakrýs, according to Kosmala et al (2005)
Genus:   Lepocinclis Perty
Species:  L. fusca (Klebs) Kosmala et Zakrys
Identifier:  B. Zakrys
Collector:  M. F. Santos
Availability:    Not for sale
ACOI - 1414 Documents

NAME: Kosmala et al (2005)
LAST UPDATE: 29/09/2011